What we offer?

PopAdsCash offers a Premium Popunder / Clickunder precisely its onclick ads that appears in a new tab on browsers window "on focus". Its kind of a full screen advertising page. We highly recommend use only 1 pop-under on 1 page and if you are using other pops on the same page then your pop revenue will highly get affected.

Payment Methods

Currently we offer only Webmoney & Payoneer for small publishers(with small traffic) but for big publisher with high and premium quality traffic such as (Tier1: US,UK,CA,AU,DE,CH,JP) we can arrange all other possible payment methods for our dear publishers.

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What is PopAdsCash?

PopAdsCash is a best pop ads network of 2021 offers direct advertisement on your websites / blogs with highest CPM rates additionally CPC, CPA mixed ads, means if your website user clicks the pop and converts the offer you will get double revenue one for the CPM basis and second for the deal basis isn't it fantabulous? so join us today and convert your websites into money making machines.

How do I start making money?

It's very easy to start, just create a free publisher account and submit your 1 single website / blog which already have traffic at least of 500+ users per day and then submit it from your publisher panel and wait for your website for approval once approved you will see your master pop ad tag generated in "Ad Codes" tab in your publisher's panel and then just copy paste the codes that's it and you are good to go.

What kind of Traffic is Accepted?

Since we are a biggest pop ads network so we are accepting all kind of traffic including, adult, video, games, anime, movies, torrents, streaming and more but we only pay for the valid clicks because our software automatically removes the fake or VPN / Proxy clicks from the system means the traffic of your websites uses VPN or Proxies will not be counted because our advertisers doesn't pay for that traffic.

What is the minimum Payout?

Currently we are offering 2 payment methods Payoneer, Webmoney and minimum payout for payoneer is $100 and for webmoney is $20 we can send money to other payment methods too for only premium publishers with big and quality traffic and there are 2 payments per month, payment dates are 1-5 and 16-20 and we work as a NET-15 initially but later according to the traffic quality the hold will be lifted on a request.